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Heike Baranowsky
PASSAGE I (Schiff)
english (pdf, 224k)
Valie Export
Seeing Space and Hearing Space
english (pdf, 441k)
Dieter Froese
The piece in the country, failure piece #2
english (pdf, 450k)
Jochen Gerz
Calling to the Point of Exhaustion
english (pdf, 567k)
Jean-François Guiton
Wood Pieces
english (pdf, 567k)
Dieter Kissling
german (pdf, 519k)
Michael Odenbach
As if memories could deceive me
english (pdf, 190k)
Documenta of the people
english (pdf, 1m)
Bettina Gruber und Maria Vedder
Der Herzschlag des Anubis
english (pdf, 199k)

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